Keen Office Furniture

Increasing Monthly Conversions


We were running display activity for Keen Office Furniture with the goal of reaching new audiences to increase conversions, whilst maintaining a strong conversion rate.


Across the Google Network we used Dynamic Display Ads, which combines image assets and ad copy to optimise towards best performing combinations based on Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversions received.
To ensure a relevant audience we created lookalike audiences based on website pages visited by users. We implemented these in December when having received a sufficient website traffic.
Additionally, we created custom audiences based on office furniture search terms and relevant websites visited to test performance. These were added in March.s


Average monthly conversions and conversion rate have consistently increased in line with optimisations, as shown by the accompanying chart Conversions increased 242% from December to January with the addition of lookalike audiences. From March to April conversions increased a further 50% after adding custom audiences.