Bent Creek


Product Design
Brand Development

McLaren Vale based winery, Bent Creek came to us to create a timeless and memorable brand.

Offering a diverse range of curated varietals sourced from across South Australia, our brand concept “Choose your own adventure” was born.

With a distinct focus on storytelling, whimsy and fantasy, we created a series of wine labels for Bent Creek’s extensive list of premium wines.

Combining two topics, storytelling and wine, brought forth the idea of motion. Stories are a journey, constantly moving forward on a winding trail of adventure. Wine gently swirled around a glass creates dramatic waves giving off hints about it’s taste and origin; more of a sensory journey, or a mystery to be solved. Together, these ideas formed the basis for the Bent Creek brand.

The labels are bright, colourful, and eye catching, yet remain simple and elegant. The wrap around label invites the viewer to continue moving with the graphics right around the bottle.